BAKED or Grilled
BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Full slab of Baby Back Ribs
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Meat Tenderizer
BBQ Sauce (I like Honey flavored)

Cut the Ribs in half. You can freeze one
half if it's just for one serving.

Sprinkle the dry seasoning on both sides of
the Ribs. Place in (turkey) roasting pan or
large cake pan.
Now place fat side down (so the ribs are
curling up).
You're going to add some water so the
Ribs are almost covered. Cover the pan
with a lid or some foil.
You're going to want to start baking fat side
down as it releases a lot of juice.
While you're baking, after 20 minutes with a
sharp knife poke some holes into the ribs
and pour over some of those juices over it
so it gets back inside (this makes it really
tender, the whole point of ribs!)

Generally Pork is 20 min per pound at
350*F, so bake about 40 min, half way thru,
turn over.

See those juices??? After poking little
holes on the bone side and pouring in
those juices, do the same on the fat side of
the ribs.

After about another 40 min the Ribs are
ready for the next stage which is the BBQ
sauce. You can tell they are nearly done
because the meat has slightly browned and
turned white. Also, if you pick them up with
a pair of tongs, the meat isn't stiff, but
rather is "limp". After you apply the BBQ
sauce, you don't have to cover the ribs
Now because you initially began baking fat
side down, then flipped over, return back to
fat side down.
Pour a bit more of those juices over.
Now pour about 1 Cup of sauce on the ribs
and return to oven.
Bake another 30 minutes, and 1/2 way thru,
flip over again and add more sauce.

If you're going to serve Corn on the Cob
with this, you should already have shucked
(if fresh) and put into boiling water.
A nice touch is adding a handful of Sugar
and a small handfull of Salt to the water
before placing Corn into it. It makes it
Frozen or fresh Corn on the Cob takes at
LEAST 20 minutes to boil until done, so
time accordingly.
In the summer, you can buy massive
amounts of fresh corn, shuck it and remove
corn silk, rinse and then freeze in freezer
proof baggies.

When Ribs are done, plate and pour just a
pinch more BBQ Sauce over them.
You can tell the Ribs are done because the
bones & meat pull apart with ease.

Remove Corn from water with tongs and

Note: In Mexico they put Mayonaisse and
Parmesan Cheese on their Corn. Strange,
but tasty.

I have also cut the Corn off the Cob, added
some Butter, Mayo and Tabasco to it with a
sprinkling of Salt and Pepper and then mix
in a bit of shredded Cheese or Parmesan.
It's easier to bake/grill Ribs if slab is cut in half.
You can marinate ribs for a few hours in Dr. Pepper
or Cola, inside a large baggie. Afterwards, you apply
your rub.

There are several ways you can grill Ribs outside.
In all cases, you should put some rub on both sides.

One way to prep for the grill is to bake in the oven
for a good 40 min. @ 350*F as described above (use
the seasonings, flip over after 20 min, poke ribs,
pour over juices) THEN take outside and put on hot
grill.  After you get a nice looking "char" on the ribs,
start brushing on BBQ Sauce, turning over a few
times, continually brushing on Sauce. On a hot grill
the ribs should be done after 5-10 minutes. But if its
a hot day, turning on your oven may not be your first

Another way is to drizzle a bit of oil on both sides of
the raw ribs, put rub on both sides of the ribs, and
wrap up in HEAVY DUTY tin foil. Make a "t" using two
sheets of tin foil, about 1 1/2 feet long each, so you
can tightly wrap the ribs up. Put in the refrigerator
for at least 1 hour, or over night.
If you use the tin foil method, place on hot grill and
turn over after 20 min, cook on other side for an
additional 20 minutes. You want to go LOW AND
SLOW. Don't have ribs over direct heat. If grill is
height adjustable, have them a good 8 inches or
more above coals. Otherwise put them close to the
heat source but not right over it. Closing the lid
helps to increase smoky flavor and make grill hotter.
If grill has thermometer, it should be in the mid 200*F
range.  If tin foil is "browning" too fast, you have it
too close to the heat.
After 20 minutes on each side, remove from grill and
let it rest for 10 minutes before unwrapping. Place
back onto grill to get the char on both sides, and
apply BBQ Sauce on both sides. If it is charring up
too fast, move away from direct heat.
A trick to get BBQ Sauce to stick is to pour on,
remove  from direct heat, and cover with lid for a
few minutes. Repeat with as much BBQ Sauce as you
When plating, you can "drizzle" a bit more Sauce on
if you want.
NOTE: SOME people boil their ribs and then
put in oven with BBQ sauce to finish baking. I
find this rather silly as you don't get all those
marvelous juices that you will if you bake
with a bit of water in the pan.
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