Coupons AND SPECIAL EVENTS will also be posted in FB & Twitter.

SOME will be put into FLYER'S (pdf) that
can be FAXed to businesses in your town/city and surrounding area's.
Concierge's and Event Planners can be faxed as well.
Access to databases where I can pull up by search criteria:
  • Zip code (radius) to your establishment
  • Employee size
  • Revenue per year
  • and in most cases FAX NUMBERS.
  • I will transpose into excel (copy/paste)
  • and look up on internet their business website to get
  • more EMAILS and more fax numbers.
I do online FAXING.
I can fax weekly specials, lunch specials, etc.
A simple black and white flyer will be designed (so it doesn't use up all their ink).