Retains 5% of gross sales, they
promote your event. Recommends
50% off regular price
Depending on your "style" there are
hundreds of groups that are looking
for a place to meet.
Offer catering "deals" to real estate
brokers that have private broker tours,
as well as open houses.
Give them a special press packet with
coupons they can pass out to potential
buyers in your zip code, AND/OR to
use themselves when they entertain.
Most career expo's have a listing of
participating companies that are
looking to hire.
Contact with these companies to entice
them to your establishment, as well as
to those these interview.
There are MANY conventions here, as
well as at other event venue's.
Exhibitor lists can be acquired and
make part of database. These
exhibitors can be contacted to visit
your establishment.
Choose Chicago, a CTB (Convention & Tourism Board) isn't only
for those vacationing out of town, but a direct source for event
and meeting planners.
High School and Colleges near
your zip code will be contacted for
reunion information.
2.50% + 0.99 per ticket sold plus
3.00% per ticket price (payment
processing fee)
Events listed for free, upon approval of
editorial staff.
Display advertising rates extra.
Exhibitor at various Wedding Expo's,
pricing usually starts at $300 and up.
Serve tastings of your cuisine, pass
out mini press packets that will include
special coupons for couple to try your
There are many event venue's in
Chicago that can be approached to
accept and promote your catering
I can create an Yelp account if you don't already have one, especially to respond if
necessary any comments.

EAT24 is DELIVERY/PICK UP. Available on mobile phone.

Yelp seatme $99/per month and includes the tablet. Take reservations from your website
and Yelp Business Page. No per diner cover charge (as with open table). Available on
mobile phone for you AND customers. There is an app for FB.
SEATME LINK        and pdf info
For a simple slide show creator,