I will post on my Facebook acct your
promotions. These will automatically be
transferred to my Twitter acct.

If you don't have a Facebook acct, one
can be created for you, a PROFILE
and PAGE. Any posts here will
automatically be transferred to your
Twitter Account.

Advertising is contingent on zones (zip
codes) and demographics you want.
All Facebook posts will also post to
Large JPEG'S as well with copy.
If you have jpeg's of your product, a
slide show can be created for you.
Doreen's Kitchen YouTube
FB has different ad campaigns that you can be in.
For example, there are approx 3K daily viewers of FB in Wheaton per day.
Your beer purveyor should supply you with nice table tents
Advertise daily specials, cocktails, etc.
(these are about the size for mobile and email marketing as well)