The angels blinded the men who were forcing themselves into Lot's home. This was all a
test by God to judge Lot's righteousness, to test that Lot was worthy of salvation from the
destruction of Sodom. This is all in accordance to what Jesus said hundreds of years
later when He said you must love God more then you do your mother, your wife, even
your children (Luke 14:26) Lot knew the angels were God's servant and his love for God
made him protect the angels more then he did his own daughters.

There was no refrigeration back then. To preserve meats and fish for future eating, they
would be "packed" in salt.
When Lot's wife looked back it said a few things:
--She never did what she was told to do. The angels warned her to NOT look back.
--Women are NOT highly regarded in the Bible. They were considered a type of
property, and had no rights. It was a "man's" world. By virtue of Lot seeing his wife turn
into salt, meant that she was walking AHEAD of him. This was, AND STILL IS IN ARABIC
COUNTRIES, a real big NO NO. Women are subservient to men, and must walk so many
paces BEHIND men. TO THIS DAY. So, it just goes to show you that Lot was the
"subservient" one in the marraige, as HE was walking BEHIND her. He must have been a
real panty waist.
--It was obvious that when the angels went into Lot's house, that his wife was NO WHERE
to be found. Lot did all the cooking and serving of food and beverage for the angels.
--In Sodom, "anything goes", so the MANLY MEN wanted Lot to give them the angels so
they could rape them. Lot offered his daughters. When the angels saw that the MANLY
MEN weren't the type to be interested in "gals" and considered Lot a fool, they stepped
in, and made them blind.
The angels convinced Lot and his family to leave. They did, FINALLY.
Lot's wife was turned into SALT, because God wanted to
PRESERVE the evil
of Sodom and Gommorah, and her "hesitancy" to leave the town.
Now Lot took his daughters and he became the "head" of the household.
His daughters, thinking that they are THE LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH (uh huh),
decide to get their dad LOT drunk and get pregnant by him.
Maybe in Sodom and Gommorah, INCEST was common.
Lot becomes a father AND a grandfather. Don't think he had a clue.