Grilled Vegetables, Peppers, Potatoes
& Corn on the Cob
When you want to grill Corn on cob, you need to first soak it in water for an
hour or more. This moistens it so that the corn kernals don't burn too much.
Depending on how many you will be grilling determines the size of the bowl
or large pot you will be using to soak them. I have a brick that I got at the
hardware store (ran it through the dishwasher and wrapped in tin foil) that I
use to "weigh" the corn down under the water as it tends to float. You could
just as easily use a few cans of food too. I use this method IF I am removing
the husks and breaking corn in half.
BEFORE you soak, peel back the husks and remove corn silk, then put
husks back in place,
if you are going to be grilling with the husks.
Otherwise you can just remove the husks and soak. (I like to keep the
husks on as these obtain water from the soaking, and when wrapped in tin
foil, impart this water as a type of steaming AND protect the kernels from
Make sure corn is totally immersed in water. You can soak overnight, or for
a few hours before grilling. (I like to do it over night, first immersing the corn
part, and then in the morning for a few hours more as I close up the husk
and flip it over). If you're pressed for time, you can also put the corn (husks
& all- after corn silk as been removed) in the large pot of water and bring to
a simmer for a few minutes on your stove. If you are grilling the whole corn,
turn the husks over a few times. Afterwards you can do one of several
  • Wrap up the corn with the husks removed in tin foil and grill (this
    tends to char the kernels-- some people like this). To prevent this
    from happening too quickly before corn is done, brush on some
    melted butter, olive or vegetable oil before tightly wrapping.
  • Peel back the husk, brush on melted butter or a good drizzle of olive
    or vegetable oil, then wrap tightly in foil and grill. Make the corn as
    though wrapped up as a bouquet of flowers.

Depending on the heat of your grill will determine how long to grill. If it's
fairly hot, it'll take about 10 to 20 minutes. Using oven mitts, check every
few minutes. You DON'T want the kernels charred too much. Turn over
several times when grilling. You will hear the corn "sizzling", a sound much
like making pop corn in the pan right before it pops.
Put the corn with the seam sides all in the same direction, so when turning
over you will make sure they all cook in the same way.

You can slice such vegetables as Zucchini and Eggplant into rounds.
(lightly salt both sides of sliced Eggplant to prevent premature browning).   
If you're going to be grilling an Onion, cut in half slicing stem to stem, NOT
slices. Other vegetables such a Cherry Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers can
be used as well. Use a large zip lock and marinate them for at least 1 hour
in Italian Salad dressing. If you don't have that, use Olive or Pomace oil,
Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Parsley, Garlic Powder, Basil and mix adding a fair
amount of Lemon juice. Either way, you can transport the bag of marinated
veggies to grill, place on grill and use the marinade to brush on veggies
while grilling.

If you need to have everything come up and be plated at the same time, as
the veggies grill, before they are done, remove and then reheat quickly to

If you are using wooded skewers to make Kabobs, marinate the veggies
and the meat, fish, pork, chicken pieces ALL separately. You can make just
Veggie Kabobs too.
Soak the skewers in water for at least an hour or they will start on fire when
you put them on the grill. Use that handy brick to hold the skewers under
the water. When making the Kabobs, make sure the veggies are a bit larger
than the meats being used. They will shrink down and loose water as they
grill. Again, transport in the ziplock bag and use the marinade to brush
them as they grill.
When slicing the veggies, slice THICK -- almost 1 inch -- and poke the
skewer horizontally through the veggie, not through the center. This will
help keep the veggie in place and not rotating unnecessarily while grilling
and turning.

Slice the potatoes in half then in half again, boil for a couple of minutes in
water, cool, and transfer to large zip lock baggy. Pour in Italian dressing to
cover, refrigerate at least one hour. Use left over Italian dressing from bag
to baste the potatoes, as you turn over to get grill marks.
If you want, you can put in disposable tin, and place over coals, topping
with a mixture of diced Garlic & Olive Oil = voila!! Grilled Vesuvio style
I make a bouquet wrapped up corn in
tin foil (after removing silk, soaking in
water OR quick simmer corn in boiling
water for a few min), remove with tongs
into sink, spread stalk open and drizzle
some oil over the top, roll up and
tightly wrap up in heavy duty tin foil.

You can buy mass quantities of corn
and freeze for later use. In this case
you'll have to remove husks and silk,
and then just tightly wrap in FREEZER
zip locks -- no need to blanch.

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