People think Sushi and go EWWWW raw fish
But that is not so.
Sushi Rolls can be made out of anything really.
For example, COOKED Fish or even Vegetables!!!
Sushi Rolls are rolled up in Nori, aka Seaweed sheets. Sushi rolls are sometimes called Maki Rolls.
In a Maki Roll, the Seaweed sheet is on the outside, with the Sushi Rice and other ingredients on the inside.
In a Uramaki Roll, the Rice is on the outside of the roll.
Sushi can be rolled up in just about anything, like my
BREAD SUSHI for example.

First you are going to start with Sushi Rice, only use Sushi Rice. Most package directions say to rinse and let stand for about 1/2 hour.

Boil according to package directions, then put into a bowl.
NOTE: I've noticed that some Sushi Rice packages do not have complete instructions.
Here is what I recommend:
When the Rice is done, remove to a bowl, preferably wooden or plastic,
but not metal.
In a small sauce pan put:
(per 2-3 cups of Rice)
1-2 teaspoons Salt
2 Tablespoons of Sugar
1/3rd Cup Rice Wine Vinegar
Bring to simmer, stirring all the time.
Pour all of it into the Rice and gently mix. Then I let it cool for about an hour.

Sushi rolls can be stuffed with just about anything. Here I used Nova smoked Salmon, Imitation Crab Meat, and a variety of Vegetables
like Tomatoes, Avocado's and Green Onions. A STANDARD stuffing usually includes strips of Celery and Carrots, as well as Cream

Of course you will need a package of Nori (seaweed) sheets, and to compliment the finished product some Ginger as well as Wasabi.

Ginger can be found already peeled and packed in water in a small jar in most grocery stores. If you can't find it, you can buy fresh
Ginger (which looks like a tree branch), then carefully peel off the outer bark layer, and slice off with a potato peeler the inner part. It is
Wasabi is very hot and spicy and green. It is made from Chinese Horseradish. You can buy this packaged ready to go, or buy instant
Wasabi, just add a dabs of water and stir it up so you get a thick paste.

You're going to want to slice the Celery into thin strips, and peel some Carrots into thin strips.The Carrots and Celery help keep the
Sushi Roll stiff. Now if using Avacado, slice thru with a knife all around and carefully pull apart. With a spoon remove the seed, (or whack
with a knife and "pull" it out) and then carefully remove the meat from the shell. Top with a dab of Lemon Juice so it doesn't brown.

Trick for Cream Cheese: partially freeze it, then it is easy to slice!!  Dip knife in cold water between slices. Place slices on waxed paper
and keep refrigerated.
Now take your Sushi mat and wrap it both ways (horizontal and vertical) with saran wrap. When you are done making Sushi, then you can
peel the wrap off and toss.
If you don't have a Sushi mat, you can try it using a thin magazine!!

There are two sides to the Nori Seaweed. One is shiney and the other is dull. You want to put the Rice on the shiny part. Put the Nori on
the mat and put about a handful of Rice on top. GENTLY spread around. I am making Uramaki here, which will be the Rice on the outside.
I sprinkled some Sesame Seeds over. You can use Poppy Seeds too!! I then carefully flip it over so the Rice side is on the bottom. I then
lay out my ingredients towards the top 1/3 of the Nori. Here I used Crab (you can use imitation), Celery, Carrots (Cream Cheese slice
optional) & Avacodo (California Roll). For regular Maki rolls, put your ingredients directly on the rice before rolling.

I carefully roll up the Nori sheet, using the mat as I go along. Then place the mat over the roll and press into shape.

I take all my rolls, and with each slice I dip my sharp knife into cold water. I start by slicing off the ends, then slice in half first, then slice
each half into half's or thirds.

I began to plate. Ethan, my grandson made all of these. Here he's 9 years old. If he can do it, so can you!!

Dip a sharp knife in COLD water
when slicing rolls or Cream

Always put the Sushi Rice on
the SHINY side of the Nori
Sushi Rolls
Click HERE for video

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