Tira Mi Su
(Pick Me Up)
Tiramisu or Tira Mi Su means "pick me up" in Italian, in reference to needing a pick
me up, like a cup of coffee in the afternoon.
In fact, this goes great with coffee or cappuccino.
Putting this recipe is relatively easy, but remember, the Custard and Chocolate
Mousse has to be refrigerated for at least an hour, and once the cake is
assembled, should be refrigerated at least 5 hours, preferrably overnight.
This version uses 7UP and fresh Strawberries. Other versions of this recipe can
use very strong coffee (espresso preferably) with a splash of Brandy in it. Sweet
liquors such as Kahlua, Frangelico etc., are sweet to begin with, making this
ALREADY sweet dessert just too sweet.
You could also put Marsala Wine in it, but use
very sparingly as Marsala has a
very strong flavor. There are two versions of Marsala: DRY or SWEET. Dry is for
savory dishes such as Chicken Marsala. Sweet is used in desserts.
I used a Custard type of recipe instead of Marscarpone cheese, as to me, it has
more flavor.


                              INGREDIENTS FOR THE CUSTARD:
4 Cups WHOLE Milk
handfull Flour
Zest from fresh Lemon
1 tsp. Vanilla
1/3rd Cup Sugar
1 Tablespoon (melted) Butter


1/2 Cup Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
4 Tablespoons (melted) Butter
4 Tablespoons Sugar
1 Cup HEAVY Whipping Cream

You will also need 2 pints (or more) of Fresh Strawberries AND at least 48 HARD
Lady Fingers.
DO NOT buy the soft ones.
2 cans 7UP

In a bowl, beat the Egg Yolks, Sugar and Vanilla until thick and creamy.

Add a handful of Flour and beat some more.

Put the Custard in a large pot. In
another large pot, under high flame, put the
WHOLE Milk, and scald it, bringing it to almost a boil.
In the meantime, get the zest from a fresh Lemon, set aside.

Try not to get too much if any of the white part of the Lemon, it is bitter.

NOTE: Only use WHOLE Milk, buy 1/4 gallon of it (4 Cups) as that is what is
needed. You need the milk fat that WHOLE Milk has for this recipe.

SLOWLY add the scalded Milk to the Custard, whisking continuously on
medium/high heat until thick and bubbly.

Add the Lemon zest and 1 Tablespoon (melted) Butter and stir. Transfer to a bowl
and refrigerate for
at least one hour.
             DIRECTIONS for the Chocolate Mousse:
Put the Chocolate into a double boiler, or if you don't have one, rig one up like I

I used 2 pots, one that is smaller and will fit in right over the larger one without
falling in (balanced with the handle). On the bottom pot I put water. On the top pot
I poured the Chocolate Chips and begin to melt on low flame, stirring a lot. (you
DON'T want to burn the Chocolate NOR get ANY water in it. If you do, start over)

Add the melted Chocolate, 4 Tablespoons of (melted) Butter, 4 Tablespoons
Sugar to 1 Cup HEAVY Whipping Cream. Beat until thick.

NOTE: Again, use only HEAVY Whipping Cream. You need the butterfat in this,
and it also whips up to a very thick sauce, which is what you want. Then
for at least one hour.

Cut off stems of Strawberries, rinse, then squeeze some fresh Lemon juice over
them and mix up. The Lemon juice gives it zest and prevents them from browning.

Now you will need some type of large pan to assemble in. I used disposable
aluminum pans, as during the holidays I made trays and trays of this for various
people and in various thicknesses.
You can make a LARGE tray which will have various layers of this dessert,
(remember, you'll have at least 48 HARD Lady Fingers) or you can split up the 48
Lady Fingers and make two smaller trays.
This recipe is geared for 48 Fingers, so you decide.
Here I am making a large tray of it, so my pan was about 4 inches deep.
The pans were generally about the diameter of a lap top.

VERY IMPORTANT: ONLY buy the hard Lady Fingers. (yes they do sell soft ones
that look like they are made from the same recipe as Sponge cake.) You need the
hard ones because they are going to be dipped into liquid (here, 7UP) to quickly
and lightly soften up, and flavor with the pop. The soft ones will turn to MUSH.
Lady Fingers are also known as:

This works much in the same way as though you were assembling a Lasagna,
although HERE, with much sweeter ingredients.
Remove the Custard and Chocolate Mousse from refrigerator. Pour some 7UP in
a bowl, and dip a few Lady Fingers into it REAL QUICK. Begin to line the bottom of
a pan.

See how the 7UP (not only gives it a zippy flavor) made the Lady Fingers
somewhat soft? That is what we want, and also consider that the Custard and
Mousse will ease it's way into the cookies making them even more soft. This is why
we want to start with HARD Lady Fingers.
Spread some Chocolate Mousse over the Lady Fingers, top with a bit of
Strawberries. Then top with more Lady Fingers dipped in 7UP. Repeat process
with Custard.

Continue until you have used up all the Lady Fingers. I like mine to have the
Chocolate Mousse on top, but it doesn't matter. You can sprinkle with Powdered
Sugar if your Chocolate is on top, or Cocoa Powder if Custard is on top.
Refrigerate at least 5 hours,
preferably over night before serving.

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